“A line of refined, one-of-a-kind jewelry, a series of classic accessories decorated with lively fabric patterns, a variety of bags”

In March 2015, after many stays abroad and a Business degree under her belt, Aurélie discovered her true passion: design.

During the years she spent in Madrid and Buenos Aires, she was captivated by the way fashion is an omnipresent part of the daily lives of people she hung out with.

Getting dressed before going out for the evening is definitely a real art. You can’t throw anything together. From handbags and jewelry to bowties and fashion accessories, elegance is no game. Madrilenians know this and subtly combine colors in good taste. For our budding designer, this was a wonderful opportunity to let her imagination run wild…

Her mind restless and full of talent, she went straight to work and designed unique pieces that would shine day or night!

After a lot of hard, intense work and persistence, La Frénésie d’Aurélie saw the light of day.

Are you looking for a gift for a wedding, baby shower, or engagement? You just can’t manage to find THE clutch bag or purse that perfectly matches your outfit? Is your man looking for cufflinks or an original bowtie? La Frénésie d’Aurélie is at your service…

Aurélie designs the jewelry and creates the prototypes in her workshop. They are then sent to Italy to have them reproduced in limited editions. Good news! There’s something for every age and every fancy: solid silver, silver-gilt, semi-precious stones, or gold-plated stainless steel. The latter is increasingly used and can boast many benefits. As it is solid and free of any allergic components, it is gradually becoming one of the pillars of modern jewelry. Once you try it, you’ll make it yours.

Aurélie also created the AW Collection which contains exclusive pieces that she crafted herself in her workshop. You can personalize your own jewelry there. She mainly uses gold and semi-precious and precious stones.

For patriotic purposes, she seeks to support her home country’s economy. Her accessories are made by hand in limited quantities in Belgium-based workshops. The selection is vast: original bowties, unique cufflinks (in silver or in embroidered fabric)…

Leather goods and bag models are entirely designed and handcrafted by Aurélie. Each piece is unique, handmade and 100% Belgian. Everyday bags, purses, dressier models… An impeccable high-quality offering!

La Frénésie d’Aurélie tailors its works to suit your requirements and respond to your particular needs.

By combining simplicity and frenzy, her accessories have a unique touch to them and can be worn by women as well as young girls, all without moderation.

Spangled leather, never-before-seen fabric patterns, a fashionable pendant, lavish geometric prints, … Welcome to La Frénésie d’Aurélie!

Whether you’re classic or eccentric, traditional or extravagant, awaken the passion inside you!